Policies and Terms of Service

 Newquii Studios Policies

By purchasing artwork from Newquii Studios, or by registering for Newquii Studios art camps or lessons, you are agreeing to the policies and guidelines below.

Copyright Policies

Murals and Other Commissioned Art

All copyrights to the artworks remain in the ownership of the artist. However, after final payment has been accepted, the client has permission from the artist to copy, duplicate, save as a digital file, print, publish in the form of media including web, manipulate, transmit, or reproduce these works of art, and their associated sketches.

Warranties & Guaranties

Original Artwork

All Newquii Studios original artwork, whether commissioned or otherwise, is sold as-is, with no guarantee as to the longevity of the artwork. Newquii Studios strives to use archival quality supplies wherever suitable, but this cannot be achieved in all circumstances. All Newquii Studios original artwork is shipped with instructions for care, along with information about the expected lifespan of the artwork under those caretaking guidelines. Please feel free to contact Newquii Studios if you have any questions or need another copy of these policies.


All Newquii Studios murals, faux finishes, and other permanent art fixtures are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. For the full text of that warranty, click here. In short, this warranty covers touch-ups and restorations necessary due to normal wear over time, for the life of
the mural. It does NOT cover cleaning, regular maintenance, or repairs (parts or labor) for damages beyond normal wear.

Art Lessons

No guarantee is made that the quality of services rendered will be greater than the quality of services available from any other artist or instructor. However, Newquii Studios strongly believes in the use of constructive criticism. Please feel free to contact Newquii Studios if you have any comments or concerns regarding any of our teachers, facilities, lesson plans, or any other service provided by Newquii Studios.

Privacy Policies


Students in Newquii Studios art camps or lessons are encouraged to take photographs of their artwork, their teachers, etc, and share them as they see fit. Newquii Studios retains the right to take photographs of students and their work during art camps and lessons, and may use them for advertising or social media purposes.

Payment Policies

Accepted Payment Types

Newquii Studios accepts payments by cash, check, credit/debit card, Apple Pay, and Android Pay.

Payment Terms

For art camps and lessons, payment is expected before the scheduled start time for the camp or lesson. For commissioned artwork and murals, half of the total cost is expected before work begins and the other half is expected at the time of completion/delivery.

Refund Policies

Art Lessons

Full refunds for art camps, lessons, and parties are available up until the registration deadline. After the registration deadline, and up to the date/time that the lesson begins, a partial refund may be requested up to an amount equaling the original amount paid minus the cost of supplies. After the date/time that the lesson begins, no refunds will be issued.

Full refunds for art camps will also be issued if an art camp, lesson, or party is canceled by Newquii Studios due to illness of the instructor, weather emergencies, low attendance, or any other reason.

Original Artwork

Full refunds will be issued only if the artwork is damaged during shipping/handling, or otherwise arrives to the purchaser in a damaged condition. Damage may include, but is not limited to: tears, rips, breaks, cracks, holes, or other malformation of the surface and/or image of the artwork. Damage does not include textural elements within the medium that the artwork is made with.


No refunds will be issued for murals, faux finishes, or other permanent art fixtures. However, these are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty (information above).